Monday, November 21, 2011


My latest designs. I paid 87 cents for the wooden chickens. I added the googly eye.

The hens LOVE the nest boxes that my dad made for them. Notice the one in motion. :-)

A week's worth of fresh eggs. They taste delicious!

Another carton design

One of my first designs.

Up at school the students have been using some of these new duck (duct?) tape colors to design their science projects. I decided to use the extra tape to make some new egg carton designs. Relatives and friends will be getting some of these eggs as gifts, so why not make each egg carton unique? Plus, it's fun.
Chicken art seems to be a nice fit in the garden design world. I'll show you our artistic chicken coop sometime soon. And I'm not alone. I saw recently where someone hung FRAMED PICTURES in their chicken coop for the hens to look at. I'm not to that point...nor plan to ever get that crazy.  LOL
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  1. That carton of fresh eggs looks delicious!

  2. How cute! I like the egg cartons. Pretty nifty.

  3. Fabulous idea and I'm still envious of those chickens and that gorgeous chicken coup. In my next life!

  4. Sharon Stanley RuggerioNovember 22, 2011 at 9:54 AM

    Oh, my! Please let me know if you decide to sell your beautiful eggs. I will happily make an egg run, and Whole Foods/Eastside Farmers' Market will both lose a customer. Your cartons are getting better with each attempt. And the "girls" are absolutely lovely.

  5. yeah great gift idea. let's see my address is ....

  6. Love it. The recipients of these gorgeous eggs, in creative cartons, should be very thankful.

    Happy Thanksgiving...


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