Monday, November 15, 2010


I had to wait on the backporch last week for a chicken to finish cooking. So instead of being bored, I started exploring the window and outdoor light to see if there were any interesting photos waiting in the wings. The green lacewings are attracted to the porchlight and are quite beautiful, but this one crash landed or got tangled up in the ever present spider webs surrounding the window. By the way, lacewings are very beneficial to the garden. Their larva are called aphidlions and they are great hunters.

                                                   click on image to get the Macro.
You can see the location on the window, and a rare glimpse of the photographer. I'm shy.
To see the rest of the MM bunch, visit Lisa at There are some serious photographers over there.


  1. Great timing on capturing the Lacewing...turned out a beautiful Macro Shot! Thanks for stopping by to see my Dragonfly shot! Nice to meet another Texas Photographer!

  2. Great title! Can't say that I'm too sad about it being the last flight, lol. :0) You really got close!

  3. Poor insect. The twisted wing must hurt. I hope he turned out alright.
    Great capture!


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