Sunday, August 18, 2013


Gardeners should always keep a photo of each project they accomplish.
At the start of this post, I was feeling a bit low since I'm going back to school tomorrow.
I really could not think of ONE THING I had accomplished this summer except for the never ending fence project.
Call me silly, but I count anything that is out of the ordinary 'a project'. Summer is absolutely the worst time to do garden projects in Houston. The heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes, lack of a nice breeze, and the need to stop and wipe your face every moment does not make it into those glamour garden magazine images very often. But that's the reality down here in the South.
It's my only available time (until I retire) so you just grin and bear it.
Here are the 18 projects I worked on this summer.
Project 1: Brick work. It was actually cooler yesterday morning, so I did this project in one day. Sweeping the sand in between the cracks is the ultimate in garden therapy.

Here's a recap of some of  the smaller summer projects. These took less than a week to finish.
From left to right:
Top row:  new plumeria & agave bed projects/ balancing bromeliad project/  blue chair project 
Middle row: Cleared 25 small trees on the property line...the home next to me is being demolished/ brick work projects/ took down basketball goal and reused sand
Bottom row: pots and chicken porch project/ blue painted pots project/ trail along fence project

Here are the rest of the small projects and some of the BIG projects.
From left to right:
Top row: the greenhouse potting shed (not finished)/ trimming the Nuttall Oak tree so that birds don't mess up our cars/  stone walkway project
Middle row: Annual replanting of perennials (that sounds funny...but some perennials do die! :0)/ the new greenhouse wall/ the new fence project...AMEN!
Bottom row: rustic birdhouse project/ the Opuntia project/ the garden mural project (ongoing)

Whew! So there you have it. A summer of projects. Now it's time for me to go sit at my desk and make lesson I'll miss my garden but not all the PROJECTS and the summer heat.
My next project is to wait for cooler weather on our porch swing. This will be an ongoing project from now until around September 21st. 
That's it for this time.
Remember....always take photos of your garden projects.
You'll be surprised how much you have accomplished.


  1. That is a surprising number of projects accomplished. I even remember seeing you post many of them in progress yet didn't realize how many different ones you had going.

    Cooler weather this summer is a relative term. Have fun in the new school year.

  2. A summer well spent. It's a great idea to document your work. Have a great school year!

  3. You have been very busy David. Enjoy your time on the porch swing.You have earned it

  4. Thanks for the advice about taking photos of our projects. Sometimes we forget how the little things add up. You have been busy!!! So much done! And when you put it all together, it must give you a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. I need to work on my annual planting of perennials! ;) I hope you have a great school year!

  5. So how sore are you. My wife went back to school last week and had the kids first day today. shes wore out.

  6. David, isn't summer vacation for taking a break and not working? ;-P Still, congratulations on all the work that you got done and good luck with the new school year.

  7. You've accomplished a lot this summer - congratulations! Finishing a project, no matter the size, always creates a nice glow of satisfaction, which lasts at least until the next project presents itself. My husband and I are currently (slowly) tearing the lawn in our side yard so I can plant the area this fall - we're far from the point of satisfaction...

  8. You inspired me to create more garden art! Actually, I had the idea and found someone to help me make it since it involves wrought iron. I love all your projects. What's going on with the basketball hoop? I'm in the middle of 2 big ones at my house, too. Jeez, I love a project!


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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