Saturday, October 29, 2011


Morticia would be excited about this drought induced art! If you are 50+ years old, you'll remember the Addams Family TV show. Morticia was quite the gardener and even had a man-eating vine named Cleopatra.
Now for my Garden Spoof....

The Addams Family welcomes all Trick or Treaters to visit the garden! If you don't remember us, please watch our youtube video:

Uncle Fester and Lurch will help the children pass safely through the garden.

Lurch will stand by the front agave bed. We don't want small children with masks to venture off the trails! Ouch!

There are even more spikey things over here. Uncle Fester will wave if you get too close.

Oh! And you might want to stay away from Cousin Itt's palm collection.

And please don't fall in Grandmama's Swamp Pond. The Piranha might get upset.

I'm a little worried about running out of candy. But Mr. Addam's says he has a back up plan.
Uh....hope we don't run out of candy.

I do hope you have time to play with Wednesday's aphid collection. She'd be thrilled.

Pugsley might let you hold his baby black vulture.

Thing might let you pet our baby opposum that keeps getting into our chicken run.

Of course the main attraction is Morticia's garden. The drought has put it in picture perfect shape. She's especially proud of the droopy firespike.

Morticia even wants to use the ferns in cut flower arrangements. I can't recall ever seeing them like this.

Mr. Addam's is so proud of his brown spots in the lawn. The drought came just in time for Halloween.

We left this spooky, dead tree for the woodpeckers but of course you can climb it for fun.
See you on Halloween night.
Morticia Addams/ :0)


  1. :) Sounds like you're going to have a lot of your turning your negative into a positive:) Well enough of that teacher gobblygoop. Hope you and your family have fun.

  2. Oh I love the Addams family! Of course for me it's the movies, don't remember the tv series. Fun post....although there are some sad sights there.

  3. You have a pet possum? Now that is really scary!

  4. Cute post! I can see that your garden could easily double for a haunted house tour! Maybe you should charge admission - then you can have enough money to replace all the plants that died from the drought! Happy Halloween!

  5. Drought induced art: I love it! Plants really do lend themselves to the spooky if you present them right. Oh, and I think possums are creepy. No offense.

  6. Under 50 and watched all of the Addams Family episodes in reruns as a kid. It could get really scary if our weather patterns do not change soon. You agaves look great though.

  7. Great Halloween post! -- so did you get many trick or treaters? Poor things.

    That baby possum looks almost...cute. I found a possum in my coop last week, looking like he was about to take a bite of one of my hens. I didn't think he was very cute at all.


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