Sunday, September 18, 2011


I turn the water off while I brush my teeth. This saves about 1/10 of a gallon of our precious water during this hideous drought.
I use as little as possible to water my drought tolerant plants. This saves water as well.
please tell me why the city workers do this?

Oh, might I add...we ate out at 12:00 and went back down the SAME street at 12:45. It was still going.
I looked up the flow rate for something like's a minimum of 250GPM (gallons per minute). In one hour that would be 15,000 gallons of water down the strom sewer...more than 2 months of water for my family of four! They say it's to clean out rust, but for how long? Won't running it a few minutes do the same?
Watson Street in the Woodland Heights Addition.


  1. Absolute lunacy! I do so hope all that precious water is draining off into someone's garden!

  2. Sadly, Bernie, the storm sewer is just a few feet away and in the photo! It's covered by the flow of water!

  3. I know they have to do it for maintenance check, but here's the deal.....why couldn't they have offered people the water coming out by directing it to a large container area. Absolutely stupid....especially when you're counting every drop of water you're using. No logic whatsoever. I'd bring that to the Water Company and City's attention. Is it is a sin to say I like the pic though?

  4. I've always wondered about this, too.

  5. I heard on the radio a while back about a lady whose neighborhood water main had broken (somewhere in the city) - she went to Lowe's and bought a sump pump and started harvesting the water for her plants :)

  6. Definitely a waste of water! I can certainly empathize with you. We had a water shortage for years, yes, years and had to resort to buying tanks of water and having the water delivered. Any waste of water is irritating. So many people like your city workers take so many basic things for granted.


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