Friday, June 24, 2011


So, how many blog headers do you have in  a year? I have a lot of them.
Some prefer to keep continuity and enhance recognition on their a brand name. It says to the person, "Yep, once again, you have landed on my blog."
I like that.
But some of us are just too antsy to leave things alone. I have finally changed my Spring header to a Summertime header.
This is the last header in my yearly rotation. I'll post all of them on a separate page sometime soon. Headers are just one of the many reasons I love to keep a garden blog.
                             I start with a title, an old map, the artwork, and a feather.
Here's the layout on the desk. I don't place the plants flat since I want a 3-D visual effect. I use an overhead lamp for shadows.

I take about 5 shots with different angles so that I can get the desired framing. Here's the final product for this season's garden header. It now gets downloaded and is treated just like any other photo.
If you use Blogger, then download as a photo from your files.
However, since your Blog Name is already in the photo, you don't need another blog title.
So..... for the PLACEMENT choice, pick the middle one as shown below.
Clicks "Save" and your done! :-)

Each season has a different theme with various leaves and flowers.
Hope you are inspired to try your own.

Thanks for stopping by! David/ :-)


  1. Interesting post, I usually change my heading if I take a picture that shows something different

  2. Maybe this will spur me on to do something different at the top of my blog. Maybe I need to be a little more creative too.

  3. I have never changed my header. After seeing how you do it I just might!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  4. It's a great idea and thanks for sharing just how you go about it. I always look forward to seeing your new headers.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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