Saturday, May 7, 2011


I was up on the roof when I found Mama Dove with the baby. These are native white wing doves in our orchid tree. It's a favorite tree since it has lots sticks for building nests.

Bird's eye view of the front garden. The designs are about 3/4 complete. I'll do the rest this summer.
Bird's eye view of the backyard garden designs.
Happy Mother's Day! David/ :-)


  1. I really like the design. Morning doves and hummers are busy nesting and leaving little piles of poo all over in the courtyard, but I love that the birds are here nesting. Your pair look very comfortable:)

  2. Nice shot of the nesting Doves, David. watching wildlife, especially the birds, has always a joy as part of gardening to me.
    We are having a eastern screech owl nesting in one of our nesting boxes right now. It's interesting watching papa owl sitting all day long on a branch of the tree next to the box and momma owl sticking her head out of the box several times during the day, checking what's going on in the yard. Later in the evening, after sunset, we watch them flying off. The other day they even took a bath in one of our birdbaths.

    I very much like the way you have designed your front yard. Can't wait to see the pictures of when the project will be completed.
    Best Regards and Happy Gardening
    Paula Jo


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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