Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wistful Wisteria: Happy Macro Monday

Wistful can mean a thoughtful sadness. I'm not sure the Wisterias feel this way, but I do. After only a brief week in bloom, the show is coming to an end. We have a small vine in our front yard and it had around 60 blooms this year...a new record. 
To see more wonderful photos, visit our wonderful host, Lisa, at

To see a Wisteria bouquet, just scroll down.
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  1. Know what you mean:
    Everything is galloping by. the ground is bone dry and the flowers so short-lived.
    Luckily we can preserve them on film.
    That looked like a good show though.

  2. One of my favorite blossoms - just gorgeous - thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are gorgeous macros. I do like the bouquet as well. Hopefully they will last a little bit longer for your to enjoy them.

  4. I love the delicate color. That second shot with the repetition/design is wonderful! Such a shame they are already gone.

  5. SO so pretty! My mom's (in Missouri) doesn't bloom until later, it's usually blooming when I visit in the summer. :0)


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