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Have you ever had a perfect moment in photography? The light is perfect, no breeze, all is still, the angles, the subject...everything?  It felt this way when I was able to get these pictures of our white Brugmansia just before the Christmas frost. I took many, many photos, but these are the best. Happy Macro Monday! see the rest, visit our delightful host Lisa at
Oh, and if one of these is your favorite, please tell me. I'd love to know. Thanks.

                      (click on photo for Macro)  This is probably my favorite. The viewer wants to peer into that mysterious interior while viewing all around the edges. I captured a little green at the bottom to show perspective and to give the eye a place to go and 'rest' from all the whiteness.  The hint of sunlight at the top of the crest shows some of the detailed hairs and gives a hint of texture. Can you see what I'm talking about, or am I just crazy? :0)
A few facts & my experience with  Brugmansias:
1. They tolerate NO frost, but are very root hardy and regrow faster than any plant outside of vines and bamboo. In a light frost, they will sprout from the stems and regrow even faster. They can bloom in one season after freezing back to the ground. That's amazing!
2. They are quite poisonous. Do NOT grow indoors around pets and small children.
3. They are prone to love high humidity and droop in low humidity. They can recover from dry spells.
4. They are very thirsty plants and need watering daily in temps above 92 degrees.
5. They can grow into small trees and have beautiful  foliage and flowers.
6. I have two varieties and really enjoy the fragrance of one. The other is overpowering.
7. I would recommend this plant for Hawaii, Australia, Tropical Asia, Central America, Central & South Florida, Puerto Rico and the West Indies. It can be grown outdoors in Houston and San Antonio (?).
8. They readily root from cuttings or directly in moist soil.
9. They are native to subtropical South America.
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  1. OOOh, I love it! I especially love the little "hairs" in the picture. Great shot. :)

  2. Beautiful macros. What a gorgeous flower.

  3. What an unusual flower! I love it!

  4. Nice shots!!! I love this plant, it's outside right now but during the frost I moved it into the shed and glad to say, it's got new leaves.

  5. Wow, so cool! I've never seen such a flower before, it's so pretty.

  6. Gorgeous light and details in these macros.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! It is a beautiful blossom. This is my first experience with this flower. Thank you!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  8. I agree with your favorite, although they are all amazing. Interesting plant.

  9. Beautiful! Is there anything more perfect than an Angel's Trumpet? I think the first is my favorite.

  10. Looks like a lovely dancer - the flowing dress twirling in the wind. So delicate and deadly from what you say - scary cool!

  11. gosh i need some tropical flowers nice job.

  12. Hej David
    Det er meget smukke fotos, næsten som organisk arkitektur og lidt i familie med Jørn Utzons Operahus i Sydney.
    Venlig hilsen


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