Friday, September 3, 2010


It was at a local garden center that I found this perplexing, but wonderful mystery; all 5 plants had the same tag and same botanical name, but something was amiss.

All have the Agave lechuguilla label!
I was on a tight schedule and a I tight budget (always!), so I bought the most variegated and in my mind most un lechuguilla-like specimen.

On the way home, I kept thinking, this is probably a mislabeled Agave lophantha; something I've already got tons of. But here's what I saw:

Geeez...not even close! A. lophantha is on the left. What's going on here?
That night I thought, there was another one with a darker, hunter green color and lighter stripe.
It certainly was pretty. I should have bought was the only one left.
Ugh! Bet it's already gone. I didn't sleep well.

It was still there! Whew! I brought it home and left the 'real' shin daggers alone.
They are a very common agave in West Texas that no one much thinks about when landscaping.
But the mystery remains...what are these agaves?
I love a good mystery, don't you?
Anyone have a clue?


  1. Funny that they were all labeled the same, but even funnier to imagine you tossing and turning all night thinking about the one you left at the nursery. I'm glad you got it before someone else did! They're very pretty.

  2. Agaves can be a little bit of a puzzle. Sometimes younger ones have a different look from the adult. I have a number and the only one I am really positive about is the Agave desmettiana, variegata. Even so some of the young are quite unlike what they will be like. I'm glad you got the one you wanted and good luck with your id.

  3. This is great. You also lose sleep over plants:) As for agaves, I am totally clueless as we have so many varieties here but like it is state above...glad you got the one you wanted:)

  4. Sorry I don’t know the name, but that’s a good looking agave

  5. Interesting! I hope someone will be able to ID it for you.

  6. Thanks to all for your interest and comments.
    I'm going to do some hunting on the Agave websites via Google. I know there's one in Arizona and one in Italy that include lots of pictures. Also, image searches by species sometimes yields a look alike or a clue.
    Happy Gardening!
    David /Tropical Texana :-)


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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