Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Your Garden's Most Unusual Plant?

Hands down, I'd have to say this one is right up at the top. Called Kaempferia galanga, it puts out exactly TWO leaves each year. The rest of the plant is an underground rhizome. It's from Thailand.
As you can see, the flower pops up in the middle. The two leaves are like giant green pancakes that lie flat on the ground. But...the most amazing part is 'how' the leaves form
The green funnel erupts from the ground for about a week, then lies flat!

The fuzzy underside, burgandy tint, and thin green veins will be gone in a flash.

Thankfully, you can still enjoy the small, but lovely flowers for most of the summer


  1. Not that unusual, but I'd have to say Double Purple Frill Datura...only because of the history. Love your green blog!

  2. Double Purple Frill Datura...sounds cool! I'd love to see a picture of it on your blog sometime. Thanks for stopping by.


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