Thursday, January 24, 2013

Four New Mosaic Art Styles Using Photos from the Garden

I'm still playing around with the free photo mosaic websites out there. In this post I'm still using Fotoflexer (click on Fotoflexer to get to the website).

Here are four more examples of what you can do. I found a very cool advanced option so that you can blend your original with the faded mosaic along with some other fun ideas.
You can use a photo from your garden in the poster option to use as a welcome button on your blog! Here's one using a palm leaf mosaic as an example.
"Snail"  (pop art setting)

"Bromeliads"  (pop art with advanced fade and blend options)

"Bromeliad Exotica"  Collage   
(Here I used the pop art photo from above plus two other bromeliad photos from my files)

Note: Fotoflex has one of the best mosaic(collage) tools out there with tons of options. The tabs are a bit difficult to find and mosaic is actually called the 'collage' button. However, the photos download  very quickly and everything is very user friendly once you get the hang of it.  :0)

I'm stopping all this until Spring Break. It's too much fun and I have to get back to my schoolwork.
I wonder what it feels like to retire?
Have a Happy Weekend! Hope you get to garden....or at least photoshop some flowers!
David/ :0)


  1. Pretty effects David.

    Before we retired a number of friends told us that they were busier than ever. I remember thinking "How can that be?" but now I know it means filling my days with my own projects.

  2. Hej David

    De er rigtig spændende og dekorative plakaterne du viser. Der er utrolig mange muligheder, hvis man er lidt kreativ.
    Kh. Jørn

  3. You're turning into the gardening Andy Warhol in your free time, I see! :)

  4. Whether it’s a pencil sketch, pop art, picture to art, oil painting or caricature, personalized art can be a unique gift for any occasion.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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