Saturday, August 18, 2012


Cat, another garden friend, got me thinking about what I wear while gardening. She goes barefoot at times and asked if we did the same. She also asked about pajamas! :0)
At any rate, I buy a new pair of shoes at the start of each school year. That demotes each previous pair to a lower position for use around the garden. Here's the whole collection. Hope it brings you a smile.
Ancient archaeological site

These are my new pair used for casual day at school. If I forget and use them out in the garden, Murphy's law dictates that I will step in my pond or slip in some mud.

These are my walk-around-and-check-if-a-flower-is-blooming pair. I also go out in public with these, so I try not to garden in them. They are very comfortable after a year of use, so I feel very emotional about these shoes. My wife tried to throw them away once. I rescued them from the trash.

As you can see, one year in the garden has a profound effect on shoes. I no longer wear these in public since I'm sure the 'BYS' would get some looks.
I use these for going into the chicken run and around the compost pile, so they stay outside.
The 'BYS'?
"Backyard shoes"
(I know technically it should say BS shoes. But I don't want to walk around with BS on my shoes)

Four years of hard use demotes these shoes to watering and weeding.
I can get them dirty or wet and it doesn't matter. But they're not the worst.
Hold on...

2008 Poor Things!
After five years of hard use, the final pair in the collection are near the end of their life here in the garden.
These are for running out in the middle of the night or for walking through flooded parts of the garden.
I use them while turning compost.
But there's one more pair.

New Garden Shoes
After seeing what I use for footwear, my wife felt sorry for me one day and bought these cool water sandals.
But there's just one problem...
I never use them! They feel terrible. 
Silly me.
Well, that's it for today. I've got to run outside and check the rain gauge since we've finally had some rain here. Hmm...wonder where I've placed my check-the-rain-gauge shoes? 


  1. My garden shoes are either flip flops or red clogs. My work shoes tend to have heels on them. :o) With 4 dogs, walking around outside is rarely a good idea!

  2. This is hilarious:) I don't like walking with BS on my shoes either. Nasty stuff:) Most of the time I use the flip flops just to be on the safe side.....and digging, I'll haul out the shoes:)

  3. Funny....shoe henge.

    Most of the time I wear Croc sandals.....everywhere.

    When I'm doing some 'serious' garden stuff, I have a pair of rubber garden clogs. I like them because I can wash them and hang them on the fence to dry. I do have an old pair of walking shoes....just in case.

    I never go barefoot in the yard...especially outside the fence where the deer leave us LOTS of little 'gifts'.

    Hope you get some good rain.

  4. Great post! I enjoyed seeing your collection! I am forever ruining shoes out in the garden. My DH says I have more gardening shoes than any other kind of shoe! (Not true, really.) I rarely walk around outside barefoot - my lawn is not soft like it should be!

  5. I know about those BS shoes! I don't dare walk around barefoot either because the neighborhood cats use my cultivated garden areas as their bathroom. Some of them prefer the clumps of native grasses and there it sits, as if in 'bloom'. YUK!

  6. Laughing to hard to write my comments. :-)

  7. I love flip flops and wear them all through spring, summer and fall. My last years become my garden/outside flops. At the end of the day I hose them and my feet off and can then walk on the carpet. Keep 2 or 3 pair byt the back door all the time. I hate shoes. Carol

  8. That was cool! It was indeed a funny idea. Good job!

  9. I love my crocs. Typically unless I'm mowing the lawn (then I go for old sneakers) I wear either the cros, my teva sandles, or a really ugly pair of flip flops. I've learned the hard way not to wear my work shoes outside, but I still forget from time to time.


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