Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FUN GARDEN TOUR: My Blue Bottle Garden

The narrow space between houses is a challenging spot for garden design. My blue bottle tree is on hold for now because I'm using the bottles for bottle spikes and bottle pitchforks. I call this the Marfa Texas part of my garden since the town is known for its blend of West Texas Twang and Cutting Edge Art.
I'd like to think I invented this idea....a blue bottle tree, I mean a blue bottle fork! Isn't it fun?
I'm hard on garden tools, but now I know what to do with the metal leftovers. As the rest of the monkey grass dies, it will look like hay. I'm not watering this area anymore.
Here's one of the blue bottle spike bushes.
Here's a green and clear bottle spike bush.
Blue agaves, Blue bottles, Blue house paint...it's all sort of relaxing.
My last blue bottle spike bush.
I made the walkway out of salvaged brick and some pavers. Black star gravel adds the finishing touch.
Oh look, a chair!
Our teenage son loves to show his friends this part of the garden. Even the coolest of them say ..."Dude, this is nice."
Hope you like the Blue Bottle Garden. Maybe you can make your own!
Thanks for stopping by.
David/ :-)


  1. Very colorful - love the forks! That's wonderful that your son (and his friends) think your garden is 'cool'. Now THAT's impressive!

  2. I'm liking the bottles + gardening tools..rustic yet edgy at the same time..=))

  3. You know you're doing something right if your teenage son takes an interest. As you know, I love the blue bottles myself.

  4. I'm catching up old posts. Somebody told me they saw a garden where the blue bottles were on rebar -- I didn't know it was you! Terrific show. I put mine on the pitchfork the other way. Click on my name to see the post where I salvaged my bottles after the cedar post rotted off.

  5. My server is giving problems and I don't know if the comment I tried earlier disappeared into the ethernet or where. Someone told me they'd seen blue bottle spikes. I didn't know it was you! Click on my name and you might see my pitchfork bottles. I use the other end. My original bottle tree was arranged on a natural cedar post. It rotted. The blues survived, I lost two greens.


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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