Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yes, and what's that May Day! May Day! distress signal about? RAIN! At 113 days since a 1" rainfall, this part of the South is still in the grip of a record breaking drought. Still, with heavy mulching and choosing plants that can take extremes, I have my favorites to share for this month.
Thank-you, Carol, at for creating this wonderful monthly tradition!
Clerodendrum bungei

The jungle garden in the very back of the yard attracts many butterflies such as swallowtails. They love this plant.

The unusual blooms of our native dwarf sabal palm

The lovely row of impatiens in the front yard are at their peak. Curcuma gingers are just starting to emerge.

An exotic Vriesia bromeliad bloom. (It was a gift with no label, but I'm guessing V. carinata)

Daylily 'Tuscawilla Tigress' has a visiting bee.

Scutellaria Pink Skullcap came back from a hard freeze and steals the show in the front Agave garden.

The dry weather has few 'winners', but the Four O'clocks are having their best year ever with tons of blooms and almost perfect foliage.

Since our last GBBD, we've added a small flock of pet garden chickens to our place. My wife is holding our oldest. Her name is "Hoot" since she looks like a baby owl. Hoot is now so tame that she sits in our lap. She has a sweet personality and her feathers are downy soft.

Finally, a little abstract art. The shadows are cast on the many shades of a fading palm frond.
Thanks so much for visiting Tropical Texana. I'm a school teacher and can't wait to get a bit more time to visit the many gardens on GBBD. Hope to see yours soon.
David & Melanie :-)


  1. It looks like you've chosen some great waterwise plants for your garden and they're certainly doing well throughout this dry time.

    It's nice to see Palm flowers highlighted in your post. They're so often overlooked or not noticed, yet they are quite lovely.

    It looks like Hoot has charmed Melanie just a little. That's a great shot!

  2. Hoot is adorable! Great blooms going on!

  3. I would never guess from the state of your garden that you're in a record-breaking drought - at least not from the plants you've chosen to show here. All the flowers look fantastic!

  4. Oh my the Vriesia bromeliad is really something! Love your daylily and all the blooms! Happy May GBBD!

  5. Love the chicken and the bee taking a nap in the flower.

  6. Hey you know what follows a drought? A flood. lol. Good to see your post.

  7. Love the clerodendrum! You have some very pretty blooms, especially for not having any rain! I've contemplated getting some chickens for a while. Looks like you are really enjoying yours.

  8. Melanie and Hoot look completely bonded. That's gotta add some excitement, all those chicks, heat lamps, etc. Happy Bloom Day.

  9. Thoe impatients have me curious. They look incredible. Looks like mondo grass on one side and lawn on the other. Do you mow right up to them? Are they in shade all day or do they tolerate the sun? They look very healthy.

  10. So lucky to have Hoot...I'm pining away for chickens but my neighborhood association would never day. Lovely flowers this month!

  11. It's hard for me to imagine months without rain as I am reading about on so many sites... it sounds like you really know how to deal with such adverse conditions and your plant choices look fantastic! Larry

  12. Love the bromeliad! Your plants are looking great, are you watering a lot or are they blooming this well with minimal water?

  13. Your Tuscawilla Tigress is gorgeous! As a Rice grad, I thoroughly approve of Hoot as a name for your chick! Hey, I've got an Agave here for you ... can you stop by this week?


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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