Thursday, December 9, 2010


It's my 100th post. My little garden blog makes it to the first milestone. I really enjoy writing, gardening, photography and designing, so blogging is in my blood. This is where I put my heart and soul (and trowel!) lol
If you read my recent post on the LEFT SIDE of the BRAIN and GARDENING, you might wonder what's left for the RIGHT BRAIN to do! 
1) Right brain gardening includes the enjoyment of color, texture, rhythm, and form in plants.
2) Right brain gardening includes the enjoyment of flowers, insects, and animals that visit your garden. Watching the flowers visited by butterflies lights up a ton of circuits in a right brain gardener's brain.
3) Designing the garden, creating new plant combinations, moving plants around to get just the right look is all right brain gardening.
4) Arranging garden art on the fence, matching garden art with plants, designing and following a theme, and designing a garden around a type or method of gardening would all be fun for a right brain gardener.
5) Painting your fence in unusual styles or using unusual materials as artistic expressions would be right brain gardening.

6) Listening to music, writing garden music, or dancing* around in your garden would also be included.
(* dancing, but not falling down or tripping over garden tools...that would be included in another type of gardening :0) lol)

7) Synthesis of ideas, seeing patterns, considering the benefits on a larger scale, global issues, concern for the whole environment, and empathy for all the living things in your area are right brain styles of gardening.
Whew! So have I listed enough for the right side?   How about one more: Garden blogging!!! Designing your garden blog, choosing the colors, the styles, the fonts, the pictures and making it all work as a whole is my favorite part of right brain gardening....except for one thing better.....finding garden blog friends like you who read and visit my blog. Thanks and Happy Gardening from David at Tropical Texana.
Here are some RIGHT BRAIN pictures of the garden from times past.
                             We made these simple stain-glass windows in my classroom from tissue paper. You could easily make some for Christmas with different designs and holiday colors. I love designs like this! Garden themes would include flowers and leaf shapes for the black edges.
                    Colors and patterns are found in almost endless combinations in a tropical garden.
                       A view from the front porch during the summer.
                             A large view of the bromeliad garden/ one of my favorite plant groups.
                    Our son inspects a neon skimmer this past summer and wonders why it's so tame!


  1. Wow 100 posts! Quite an accomplishment. Keep on blogging, love reading your posts.

  2. Happy 100th post, Tropical Texana! Not sure I use the brain at all in gardening, either side of it. LOL. I'm just an obsessed plant collector.

  3. Is it propane/diesel/gas/oil/electricity used in that lawn?

    If the answer is yes, congratulations! You belong to that group of gardening with pollutants and aiding global warming...

    If done by goat, sheep or cow, shears or other
    means you are an ecologically correct gardener,
    in my league, or the great ones...Until then.

  4. Tak for dine venlige kommentarer på min blog. Jeg glæder mig til at følgemed på din blog i fremtiden.
    Venlig hilsen og glædelig jul.

  5. How did you get the squirrel to pose for the picture (A view from the front porch)? They're not usually that cooperative.
    Gary from Aggieland TX


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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