Tuesday, August 10, 2010


                                              WHY WE WEAR SHOES  & SOCKS IN THE GARDEN!

I felt what I thought was a pebble pressing up on my sock. Thankfully, it didn't make it to my foot.
And yes, I have my tetanus shot. Whew!


  1. My grandson recently got a splinter from the wood spacers that they put in concrete sidewalks, only it was more like a timber than a splinter! But he still doesn't wear his shoes.

    I'm in the Houston area, too, and I must take my hat off to you for being able to garden in this crazy heat. I guess passion knows no bounds. . .

  2. I'm glad you didn't step directly on it! I've stepped on a nail before, it isn't fun.

  3. Lucky you didn't get it into your foot! My daughter got a small splinter into her shoe, it hit a blood vessel, before we understood it was a small wound we got rather scared..

  4. Wow! the thought of treading on that makes me shudder

  5. I remember something similar going right through my trainer a few years back and right into my foot...I thankfully lived to tell the tale!

  6. And I have learned the hard way that Crocs do not protect ones feet from bougainvillea thorns! Gardening is never risk-free, is it??


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