Saturday, July 9, 2011


My favorite cowboy straw hat on a yucca

TEXAS is HOT and sometimes a cap just won't cut it. Have you ever noticed what people wear in other hot climates? Besides a typical straw hat, I've found some unusual ones for my straw hat collection.
I'm showing my straw hat collection in the garden rather than 'modeling them' because:
A)I'm shy
B)it's about the hats, not me
C)people walking by with their dogs is enough laughter to bear...I don't need the whole gardening world laughing as well.
D)the plants look good in straw hats...maybe I should just leave them out in the garden!

'Mi Sombrero' on a variegated yucca. Sombra means shade in in a way this is a Shade Maker hat.

This is my fake Australian 'Bush' hat looking stylish on this yaupon. I'm still looking for a REAL Australian bush hat, but this is all I've got for now.

This is my rare rice paddy hat sitting on a dead rice paper plant. I can't wait for the next rain so I can see if it really keeps the rain off.

This is my Gangster Straw Hat for pulling mean weeds.
SAID with James Cagney accent holding a garden trowel......"Schtick um up, see. Yo'are goin' get it, see. No weeds aw goin' make it here in this gaaaden,see?"

This is my farmer hat for feeding our chickens. We have six friendly hens.

This is my Amish-style straw hat.

Yes, I do have one cap. This is my Tree Cap used when I need to water my trees or trim branches.

Thanks for stopping by Tropical Texana. Hope I brought you a smile. The hats will be over on my Page Tabs all year long.
David/ :-)
I MUST give Carol at May Dreams Gardens credit for inspiring me to do this. Her original HOE collection is absolutely fascinating. Go take a look, won't you?

Copyright notice....Yes, you may copy. You may use these images for educational or humorous reasons. Hey, make them into funny birthday cards and have some fun! David/ Tropical Texana :-)


  1. Very funny. I love it. Hats were on my list of things to purchase this year....I own many baseball caps and am sadly rather boring....but from your pic choices, I would say that I love the farming hat the most....or a Panama hat!!! I also like the Australian bush hat.....and here's one I love but would never be caught wearing...the Chinese hat. That's the best hat out of the all....protects the head and face. When I'm a bit more senile, I think I'll try it out....because secretly I'd love to wear it. It's hot here, but hopefully you've been getting the rain like we have....finally!!!

  2. Funny! I also like hats. I have a GIANT sun hat that shades my entire body, but it's tricky to wear in windy situations. :P

    You have a nice collection. I feel like I should have a "farmer hat". :)

  3. Pomyslowe i zabawne. Pozdrawiam

  4. I have never been a hat man, but recently started wearing one to keep my head shaded as the hair is not as thick as it used to be.

    I have not tried straw hats yet. Do you have a recommendation?

  5. What a fun Blog! David, I have looked till I'm almost blue for a Contact Us. Now, I've given up and thought I'd try this route. Are you on Twitter with Tropical Texana? I think you should be. I'm outside of Dallas/Fort Worth and know the heat you are dealing with near Houston. I'm only going into the backyard between 6 - 8 am. Thanks for terrific Blog Post and Photos. Love the Hat Collection!

  6. This is my affected Australian 'Bush' hat searching beautiful on this yaupon. I'm still searching for a REAL Australian backcountry hat, but this is all I've got for now.

    Top Hats


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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