Monday, April 4, 2011

GARDEN TOUR: The Bromeliad Garden

I've had a request from a dear friend back in my hometown. She wants to see bigger parts of my garden. So, from time to time, I'll post a garden tour.  I'm a  perfectionist so no part of the garden is EVER finished. LOL

I GUESS THE JUNGLE GARDENS OF MADE WIJAYA (island of Bali)  would be the style I'm aiming for. Still, I want it to look like a Texas Tropical Garden, so the elements are mixed.  This is part of the backyard with mostly bromeliads along a path to the winter greenhouse. The fence is too stark for my tastes and will have a row of banana trees hiding it by the summer's end. It's my next project. The tropical garden is still recovering from a severe freeze in February.
 David/ :0)
Our family cat wants to be in on the garden photos!

                                      I like tropical plants. Can you tell?
                          Live oak leaves cover the trails around this part of the back yard. The plastic red pot of basil counts as our annual herb garden. The blue-green yucca is the latest gift from a gardening friend at church. I really like it! The Agave attenuata does not grow well in Houston, but this one seems to be making it.

One of the Chinese fan palms ~ the signature plant of our tropical garden. Mine is a wildlife garden so I keep this on the wild side with lots of places for bird habitats.

This owl marks the entrance to the back garden.
It's the latest edition to the garden ~ a fun gift from my dad.
Thanks dad! :-)
And thanks to all who stopped by to visit. It's nice when someone gives a hoot about gardening.
I'll post another section of the garden soon.


  1. I hate posting pictures of my garden zoomed out like that. I never think it looks as good digitally as in person. However, your garden looks great in those pictures!

  2. I love seeing gardens instead of just 'plants'. Banana trees hiding the fence will look great! You have a very varied and interesting garden. I look forward to the next tour. And, I don't think any garden is Magazine Perfect - not even those in the magazines! They crop out what isn't perfect!

  3. Yes, I agree....a photo never seems to be like the real thing. The smells, the sounds of the birds and crickets and the subtle play of light on the leaves are all lost in a photo. A tropical garden never seems to be all at its best without a lot of effort. But to me, it's worth it. Thanks for commenting. :-)David/

  4. It looks so cool and inviting ... what a lovely place to sit and relax, as proven by the kitty!

  5. I would love to be that cat and relax in your garden. Awesome pictures and a gorgeous tropical garden.
    Paula Jo


I always appreciate your comments & questions! Happy Gardening from David/ Tropical Texana

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