Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three White Flowers in Bloom Right Now: Happy 3 For Thursday

Do you like white flowers?  They seem so underappreciated, but can be so beautiful. Here are 3 in bloom here in Houston in early March.
And please go visit other 3 for Thursdays on my sidebar favorites. It's a fun way to organize your garden topics and all because of my garden friend, Cindy at  Please go check out her wonderful garden. :-)
Black Foot Daisies already in bloom! Melampodium leucanthum

 Crow Poison  Nothoscordum bivalve
picked by schoolchildren to give to their teachers every Spring. It's poisonous if ingested, so don't eat it.

Bradford Pear is blooming on my street. Pyrus calleryana from Korea


  1. I love white flowers. Splashes of white in the garden are just wonderful ... you've got some beauties here.

  2. Those are good-looking flowers. I especially like the look of the Pyrus calleryana.

  3. My Blackfoot Daisies are blooming too, as is my neighbor's butchered Bradford Pear. See you later today!


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