Sunday, January 30, 2011

unTROPICAL TEXANA~ Hard Freeze Predicted!

I'll post later about how I feel about all this, but as the approaching ARCTIC AIR  mass looms ominously on the horizon, I'll post what the forecasters are predicting. The National Weather Service wins the prize for always giving me the greatest SHOCK since they plan on the WORST to happen. Hey, it's their job, right?
Icebergs in Greenland (source: Wikipedia)

Intellicast              27    28   29  34   (I can live with these numbers....maybe the cloudcover will hold out)
Accuweather        36   30    34  34   (This won't hold....too many are predicting lower...too bad)
KHOU TV           30   26    26   32  ( Probably going to be close to the truth)
NWS                    31   26    23   30  (The 23 will be like that iceberg slamming into my tropical garden)


  1. They're predicting 19 degrees in Austin on Wednesday night. Nineteen degrees! And snow on Friday. I expect thee forecast will probably change 10 times between now and then.

  2. Agreed...most UN tropical. Hate those nasty freezes....hopefully it won't get below 32 and if it does, not for long.

  3. Like Caroline pointed out, they're predicting a couple of lows of 19 or 16, depending on who you trust, this week, with highs just at freezing. I can't believe we're hitting those lows again after last winter. Expecting some plant damage and even a few losses again.


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